About Us

David Shockey


David Shockey has been in the photography industry since 2015. He has quickly earned a reputation as a respected photographer.  He owns a successful wedding and family photography company with his wife, Shanay. David loves to capture the meaningful moments in life and approaches photography with a fun attitude. David is very excited about this next chapter and co-owning a studio.

He's looking forward to working with you and turning your moments into lifelong photographic memories. 

Morrison Waud


Morrison Waud studied commercial photography and has been involved in the commercial photography field since 2003. He began with film photography and transitioned to digital photography early in his career. Morrison's experience gives him the ability to instruct and operate in a wide variety of fields relating to photography, in both capture and post-production. Beyond the commercial aspects of photography, Morrison enjoys photographing the very small and the very fast things in life.